A Summer Evening in the Woods.

Set the scene for an evening in the woods. Among the trees with an open and partaking audience, good food and drink and above all nature doing as it sometimes does, dressing us as we like best. As it progressed it just got better. This was one to remember and calls for a repeat were already being called out as the band left the stage. Thanks to Ully Zahn (Whisky Freunde Pfalz e.V.), The Naturfreundehaus (Haisl)

Foto (edited): Johann-Peter Melder / Upload: Brigitte Melder ( Wochenblatt )

F60 Celtic Music Festival 2024

Síolta joined up with An Erminig, The Rapparees and the Irish Beats Dance Company for a great night of music and dance in Lichterfeld under the monumental conveyor bridge F60. This poses a gigantic background for the annual Celtic Music Festival run by André Speri and his fantastic team. Foto: Jonas 

F60 Celtic Festival


Here comes the latest Síolta video release in the form of a song by Saoirse which we have remixed from his 2016 CD Ghosts of Tomorrow. Brian Haitz and Stefan Emde pimped flute and violin, while Michael Busch re-recorded his guitar tracks. Andy Horn remixed the whole thing with his usual expertise and Nils Nolte was the behind the camera. Saoirse’s son Sunny played the younger protagonist, while Nil’s family Eva and Leah took care of the cameo roles. 

“The Thief” is a song that goes down well live, and onstage we add the “The Golden Stud” reel which was suggested by Brian. Definitely a treat!

Photo -Tama66

Irish Music

Síolta play traditional Irish folk music as well as contemporary handmade songs that evoke longing images of the Emerald Isle and its passion and warmth. Traditional instruments such as fiddle and flute  sidle with guitar, bass and percussion  to create a timeless symbiosis. Síolta (Gaelic: seed) are united in a common quest to unleash the full power and beauty of Irish folk music; to bring their bundled potential to maturity and to reap a common joy from it.

Síolta – Irish Music coming to life! 


Ronja Rasch Photo Naoko Photography

A New Beginning

A New Beginning

All things that grow, great or small, very often have a tiny and humble
beginning. Dependent on outside circumstances to prosper and to advance to greater things, they may flourish under the hand or the fine ears of a caring master. All of this can apply to music and song, and so it is that together musicians and songwriters at this tender new beginning play a great role in urging the seed of music to develop and expand to the beyond – to a new life –to another new beginning.

Síolta – Irish Music coming to life! 

Latest Video Clips

Tunes or songs that we put into motion!

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